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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) work

The most rewarding work I've been involved with in recent years is with EDI agenda in UK higher education. I got to put into place a long-held ambition to build an amazingly passionate and committed EDI team who recently were awarded a Bronze Athena SWAN gender equality Charter award.


This work solidified my interest in culture change for promoting equity and opened my eyes up to the myriad of things we can do to help our students and staff feel a sense of belonging in higher education, and to dismantle the systematic barriers to people achieving their potential. This work has never been more important, and is something we can all be involved in.


In the student consultation we did for the SWAN submission, our (UCL) students told us that they wanted to see a greater variety of scholars represented in Crime Science. This chimes with other efforts to diversify and decolonise the curriculum. To that end, and with the help of many scholars around the world, here is a collection of readings that help to diversify the crime science curriculum. The readings within this resource are both written by under-represented authors (women, minoritized groups) and crime science research done in non-Western settings (particularly the Global South). They have been categorised with keywords to make it easier to understand how they might relate to particular topics. Please feel free to use these in your teaching, and feed back how you have used them on Twitter, or elsewhere, to encourage others to do the same. You can submit further publications to add to this list here.

Since then, I have joined a research team examining whether and where police bias in New Zealand Police might exist (see Research). There is a lot of transferable knowledge to bring across from this work.

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